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We package our produce in neat and moisture conscious packaging material to meet food handling standards.


Our produce are sold per kg and prices are giving on monthly basis.

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Farm Machinery Design, Fabrication and Installation

At Sorptermagriculture we design and fabricate any agro-machinery of choice. From scalders, defeathering machines, poultry cage, destonners and any machinery of choice in the Agricultural sector. We also install all agricultural machineries and processing equipments for you use at your farm or factory. .

Farm Consultancy and Setup

Setting up a farm is no small measure. To maximize profits and increase yield or output, the farm must be set up to maximize all environmental conditions and meet the needs of the crops or animal it's intended for. At Sorptermagriculture we would design your farm structures to meet exact standards and regulations. We also undertake business development and evaluation for new and existing farms.We also write plans, design farms and take contracts in farm set ups.

Hydroponics, Vertical Farming and Aquaculture

The future of Agriculture in Nigeria lie in maximizing Yield/ha. Considering that population density will keep increasing in Nigeria. It's most appropriate to say the future of agriculture in Nigeria lie in Hydroponics- a system that maximizes output under a much lesser area than conventional method

Agricultural Data Management and Data Analysis

We use various data analytical methods to determine and predict future occurrences like productivity, profits and negative trends in your farm operations. Data analysis offers you precision agriculture- so that you can be exact in your decision making process. Precision agriculture provides data to make Agriculture work seamlessly.

Farm Equipment Sales

Poultry Cages, Poultry incubators, defeathering machines, debeakers, automatic bell drinkers, gas brooders, feeders, and transport crates. And all kind of farm equipments.

Farm and Farmer Profiling

Pest Risk and Crop Scouting, Damage Assessment, Crop Health Monitoring, Crop Yield Estimation, Topographic Mapping.

Agricultural Training

We partner with organisations and government agencies to train farmers and agricpreneurs on various techniques and methodologies necessary for survival in the industry.

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